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Leica DCM8

Get the full picture for 3D surface metrology

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Designed to help you maximize efficiency, Leica DCM8 unites the advantages of High Definition confocal microscopy with interferometry into one versatile, dual-core system. Ultra-fast analysis is ensured thanks to one-click mode selection, sophisticated software and HD confocal scanning without moving parts.
- Achieve vertical resolution up to 2 nm withHD confocal microscopy.
- Choose from three interferometry modes: Vertical Scanning Interferometry (VSI), Phase Shift Interferometry(PSI) or extended PSI (ePSI) for resolution of up to 0.1 nm.
- Leica DCM8 offers brightfield and darkfield modes.
- The Leica DCM8 employs innovative HD microsdisplay scanning technology. With no moving parts in the sensor head, fast and reproducible data capture is guaranteed.
- The integrated HD CCD camera has a large Field Of View allowing more of your sample surface to be analyzed at once.
- To obtain a seamless, precise model of an even larger surface area, simply select the ultra-fast XYtopography stitching mode.
- By combining outstanding optics with a HD CCD camera, plus red, green, blue and white LED light sources, the Leica DCM8 delivers impressive HD color images.
- The HD microdisplay scanning technology with no moving parts, CCD camera and 4 LEDs are housed in a sturdy, compact sensor head.
- Our user-friendly LeicaSCAN software controls the Leica DCM8.
- The Leica DCM8 is configurable to match your sample
- Adaptable to your sample, the system can be configured with a wide range of Leica objectives, motorized stages and columns. To meet your documentation needs it includes a HD CCD camera and 4 LED light sources (RGB and white), delivering realistic color imaging.