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Leica DM1000 LED

Ergonomic Laboratory / Clinical microscope with research capabilities like: - Integrated Digital WiFi Camera. - Trinocular with Digital Camera. - Phase Contrast & Dark field microscopy. - DIC microscopy - Fluorescence attachment. - Simple POL equipment. - Multiview discussion tubes for up to 5-observers

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Leica Germany
* Leica DM1000 LED Research microscope for examination in transmitted light bright field, with Universal Infinity optics, Specifications are:-
* DM1000 stand for microscopy controls and transmitted light with :
* Stand with Anti-Microbial coating to inhibit the growth of Micro-organisms
* Built-in LED Bright daylight illumination (better than Halogen Illumination) with service life of 25’000 hour.
* Coaxial focus drive for coarse stroke of about 15mm & fine adjustment with 1µm graduations with height adjustable knobs, and preset limit stop.
* Quintuple revolving nosepiece, 5-positions for objectives, suitable for combined DIC and fluorescence .
* X-Y large mechanical Stage, with Ceramic coated ultra- hard surface, coaxial control drive, with Slide holder for up 2-slides
* Centerable Abbe condenser NA 1.2 with iris diaphragm color coded according to obj. magnification , height adjustable by rack& pinion mechanism, with slot for phase contrast & Darkfield sliders.
* Multi- voltage power unit 100-240v/50-60Hz and
* Binocular tube, with 30° viewing angle, sideways tiltable, with 48-75mm IPD adjustment
* Universal Infinity optics anti-fungus treated, for Bright field:
- Plan achromatic Objective Hi PLAN 5x/0.12 (WD=11.7mm)
- Plan achromatic Objective Hi PLAN 10x/0.25 (WD=12mm)
- Plan achromatic Objective Hi PLAN 20x/0.40 (WD=0.9 mm)
- Plan achromatic Objective Hi PLAN 40x/0.65 (WD=0.36mm)
- Plan achromatic Objective Hi PLAN 100x/1.25 OIL (WD=0.10mm)
- 20 ml non-fluorescence immersion oil
- Pair of super wide field high point eyepieces focusable (-5) to (+5), HC PLAN 10x/20FN