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Leica DM6 B

Top Research Automated microscope with All research capabilities

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- See up to 10.000x more of your sample with the LAS X Navigator. Set up high resolution image acquisition for slides, dishes and multiwell plates

- Take full advantage of your sCMOS camera, for example the Leica DFC9000! The 19-mm field of view camera port perfectly fits the dimensions of common sCMOS sensors.

- Make your slide examination faster at the highest resolution.

- Choose the objective that best fits your application – from a range of more than 300 outstanding optics. Just one example: the unique 1.25x overview objective for a perfect wideview.

- Change contrast with the push of a button – everything you need automatically slides into place.

- Acquire publication-ready images.

- Use Light and Contrast Management to simplify your work – for example the Fluorescence Intensity Manager (FIM), fast Internal Filter wheel (IFW) and Excitation Manager (ExMan) for fluorescence images, or Koehler light management for perfect Koehler images.

- Differential interference contrast

- LED illumination lights your sample homogenously and with a constant color temperature, while also saving energy and avoiding bulb changes due to the LED’s lifetime of up to 25,000 hours

- Leica Application Suite X (LAS X) is our easy-to-use workflow-based software which guides you step by step to acquire the images you need.

- Leica microscope cameras cover a broad range of applications from brightfield to fluorescence applications – or even one camera for multi-purposes both such as our Leica DFC7000 T camera