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Leica DM8000M

See more, detect faster - high throughput inspection systems

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New optical features offered by the Leica DM8000 M such as the optional macro mode or the oblique UV illumination (OUV, with i-line UV option) not only improve resolving power but also speed up throughput when inspecting samples with 8’’/200 mm diameter.
- The macro magnification gives you four times the field of view of conventional scanning objectives.
- The Oblique UV mode (OUV) combines oblique illumination with UV light, enabling you to view your sample in top resolution from any angle.
- Optimized for long spells at the microscope, intuitively operated and easy to adapt to different user levels.
- The integrated LED illumination optimizes the airflow. Thanks to their long lifetimes and low power consumption, the LEDs also have enormous savings potential.