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Leica DMi1

Designed for cell & tissue culture applications

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The microscope’s flexibility in accommodating an S40 condenser (40 – 50 mm working distance) or switching to an S80 condenser (80 mm working distance) is achieved by just a few hand moves. High-quality Leica objectives provide brilliant images.
The Leica DMi1 is easy to use for phase contrast observation. With Leica Microsystem’s new 40x PH1 objective you can switch from 10x to 20x to 40x phase contrast by simply swiveling the nosepiece.
All Leica DMi1 microscopes feature 5W LED illumination for constant color temperature through all stages of intensity.
A smart sensor integrated in the slider makes sure that the light intensity automatically adjusts between brightfield and phase contrast. This feature protects the eyes, saves time, and adds comfort for the user.
Use the S40 condenser for optimal resolution with slides, petri dishes, multi-well dishes, and most types of flasks: The S40 provides an extra 10 mm of free space by simply moving it up.