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Leica FS CB

Motorized Forensic Comparison Microscope

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With the Leica FS CB you are well equipped for many cases with a wide range of contrast and illumination methods at your disposal. Rely on an unparalleled level of comparison accuracy for your trace evidence samples. The FS CB comparison bridge fulfills many requirements for unambiguous identification.
- Details, such as the matting and finish of fibers, can be clearly recognized
- Allows the use of many illumination and contrasting methods for the comparison of microscopic features
- Provides optimal light and color control
- The control panel permits easy management of the motorized bridge at all times

For high accuracy, Leica comparison microscope solutions allow a simultaneous view of both objects in split-image and superimposed mode. A fast and easy comparison of evidence is possible thanks to the optimized bridge technology.
- The bridge allows simultaneous observation with three observation modes: Side by side, left or right side, and superimposed with adjustable dividing line
- With 0.1% magnification accuracy you can have confidence in the results when comparing left side and right side images

- Extra bright LED or 100 W Halogen illumination.
- Unique, height-adjustable focus knobs.
- 5 focus functions: 2- or 3-gear focusing, focus-stop, adjustable torque.
- Special condenser for differential interference contrast (DIC).
- 6- or 7-fold objective turret.
- 5-position fluorescence axis