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Leica S9D

Apochromatic Trinocular stereozomm microscope

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Continuously improving production, keeping defect rates low, and fulfilling customer requests in order to stay competitive can be very challenging. Leica has developed the S9 stereo microscope series to help you cope with these challenges.

With this new generation of Greenough stereo microscopes operators will be able to reveal details faster as they spend less time having to adjust the microscope.

The S9 D gives you the flexibility to add a camera to the microscope and turn it into a digital microscope solution. The built in 50:50 split of the beam path allows observation through the eyepieces and digital imaging at the same time.

Digital functionality provides advantages, when:
- Training operators
- Sharing results with others
- Getting a second opinion
- Analyzing and measuring details in a sample
- Documenting results
- The integrated documentation port allows connection to a range of Leica microscope cameras.