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Leica Stellaris 8 Falcon

True Confocal Microscopy

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STELLARIS 8 FALCON (FAst Lifetime CONtrast) is the future of functional imaging. Harness the power of fluorescence lifetime to investigate cellular physiology and explore dynamics in living cells. STELLARIS 8 FALCON is a fully integrated solution for Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging (FLIM) and enables video-rate lifetime imaging acquisition for rapid kinetic studies in live cells.

STELLARIS 8 FALCON adds a new dimension of contrast to your imaging, opening the door to biosensing and tracking of interactions between proteins. FLIM information is now available for all modalities of the STELLARIS 8 system.

Now you can:

- Follow fast molecular interactions via FLIM-FRET (Förster Resonance Energy Transfer)
- Use biosensors to detect changes in metabolic state and microenvironment
- Apply lifetime contrast to separate multiple fluorophores
- Acquire FLIM data with minimal training