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Orion Star A213 Dissolved Oxygen Benchtop Meter

63,450 EGP

Description: Orion Star A213 RDO/DO benchtop meter kit with Auto-Stir BOD probe, maintenance kit and stand

Calibration Modes: Water-saturated air, air-saturated water, manual (Winkler titration), zero point

Log Function Types: Automatic data logging with Auto-Read and Timed measure modes; manual data logging with Continuous m

Probe Type: RDO optical dissolved oxygen probe, polarographic dissolved oxygen probe, stirrer probe (includes 086030MD Orion polarographic Auto-Stir BOD sensor)

Measurement Modes: Dissolved oxygen as % saturation or mg/L with temperature and barometric pressure

Sensor Types: RDO optical dissolved oxygen sensor or polarographic dissolved oxygen sensor

Part Number: STARA2136