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Orion Versa Star Pro pH/ISE/Conductivity/Dissolved Oxygen Multiparameter Benchtop Meter

129,250 EGP

Description: Orion Versa Star Pro Benchtop Meter with VSTAR-ISE pH/mV/ISE/Temperature Module; VSTAR-CND Conductivity/TDS/Resistivity/Salinity/Temperature Module; VSTAR-RD RDO/DO/Temperature Module Kit

Calibration: pH with calibration editing option, ion concentration (ISE) with calibration editing option, relativ

Calibration Modes: Water-saturated air, air-saturated water, manual (Winkler titration), zero point

Inputs: BNC (pH or ISE), 8-pin Mini-DIN (temperature), reference pin-tip, 8-pin Mini-DIN (conductivity with temperature probe), 9-pin Mini-DIN (RDO or polarographic DO with temperature probe), 2 stirrer inputs

Log Function Types: Automatic data logging with Auto-Read, Timed and Single Shot measure modes; manual data logging with

Measurement Modes: pH, mV, relative mV (RmV), ORP or ion concentration (ISE) with temperature; conductivity, TDS, salin

Outputs: USB (2), RS232

Includes: Versa Star Pro meter, VSTAR-ISE pH/ISE module, VSTAR-CND conductivity module, VSTAR-RD RDO/DO module, 8157BNUMD ROSS Ultra Triode epoxy-body pH/ATC electrode, 013005MD Orion DuraProbe 4-cell (K=0.475) conductivity sensor, 083005MD Orion polarographic dissolved oxygen sensor, 096019 Orion Star stirrer probe, 810199 ROSS pH buffer and solution kit, 011007 Orion 1413┬ÁS conductivity standard, 080513 DO maintenance kit, BOD adapter/funnel/stirrer, electrode stand, universal power adapter, literature CD, printed quick start guide, computer interface cable and meter test certificate

Part Number: VSTAR92